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new beginnings…

0 Comments 28 February 2013

new beginnings plant in hand

here we go…

So I destroyed my blog.  On accident.  Perhaps a happy, fortuitous accident.  Over the course of the last 6 months I have been re-everythinging in my world.  Basically I have been rebuilding my entire life from damn near scratch.  The thing is, the tumult has probably been the best thing to ever happen to me.  I considered just ending this blog and only concentrating on my blog, Musical Chairs, that concentrates on mental health and chronicles dealing with bipolar disorder.  However, I remembered the joy and release this blog is to me.  This has been my space to release through poetry, silliness, musings about love, and passion for music.    I am glad to be back with a new look and new perspective.  Love you all!


love alise

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presently… (poem)

0 Comments 28 February 2013

poem, enjoy.

hello sign



Hi. Hello.
If that’s okay to say
Sometimes I mess up salutations
I mean sometimes I am good at hellos
But I  seem to be extra proficient at goodbyes
I rock those

but strangely, it’s progress.
There was a time when I could meet, fuck, fall in and out of love with, and leave you
before I ever spoke a word… to you.
what’s that called
oh yeah, avoiding the situation and making my own convoluted story
the usual
like my garden omelette with no tomatoes, coffee, and hash browns with onions
my imagination works when it wants to
not for breakfast though
but i digress
but still don’t move on

So ready for the letter, afraid of the content, threatening to disturbing your norms
blank pages are safe
So I carry around empty notebooks and hold them close to my chest

Bleeding hearts are just metaphors
pressure won’t beat the words into submission
Words don’t like to be told what to do
they do what they want
they only stand down to block
how convenient
Just when I need the fight, they retreat.

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