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Playlist Fun…

I am a playlist obsessor. I have this weird compulsion with themes when it comes to music.   If I do not make themed playlists I will end up listening to the same few songs over and over.    A fun thing about my iTunes is all the random, colorful names I have for various playlists.  I am convinced I was dropped on the head repeatedly as a child.  I am absolutely sure of it.   Here are some of  interesting playlist names in my iTunes:

itunes playlist snapshot

a glimpse into the world of my itunes...

  • “What the hell are they saying?” – This is a playlist of all foreign music.  It contains artists such as Fela Kuti, Les Nubians, and Selena.  I have no idea what they are talking about, but the music goes hella hard!
  • Mary J. Blige Songs I Actually Like” – self explanatory, after the “Mary” album things got sketchy.  Just saying.
i love north carolina NC

I have a penchant for North Carolina.

  • Phonte and ‘Nem” – This is my glorious playlist with every Little Brother, Foreign Exchange, Hall of Justus, Phonte, Zo!, 9th Wonder song ever made.  I am so North Carolina.
carlton on fresh prince dancing animated gif

The "Annoyingly Cheerful" playlist dance.

  • “Annoyingly Cheerful” – Every chipper, high energy, and cheeseball song in my music library is featured on theis playlist.  It incudes such tunes as:
    •  “Make it Happen” – Mariah Carey 
    • “Dream on Dreamer” – Brand New Heavies
    • “Best Friend” – Brandy
    • “Alright” – Ledisi
    • “Tightrope” – Janelle Monae
fancy as fuck

that's me!

  • “Ignorant Sh*t” is the best playlist of them all!  This contains such class act songs as:
    • “MuhFucka” – Redman
    • “How About Some Hardcore” – M.O.P.
    •  “Brooklyn Zoo” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    • “Dog Sh*t” – Wu Tang Clan
    • “Throw Ya Guns” – Onyx

 Impressed aren’t ya?  You should be.

I also am a playist masochist.  When I get sad do I throw on the “Annoyingly Cheerful” or “Ignorant Sh*t” list?  Of course not. I throw on the “Let’s Get Sad!” playlist.

evil walmart smiley

C'mon y'all... Let's get SAD!!!!

Sometimes when you are going through something you need time to wallow in your sorrows and get a good cry. Well, thse selections from that playlist get the job done every time. Enjoy, well maybe don’t enjoy, get sad. Or something. I digress.  This highly uplifting list contains :

  • “Good Mourning” – india.arie
  • “Heartless” – Kanye West
  • “When Will You Call” – Bilal
  • “Song Cry” – Jay-Z
  • “Living All Alone” – Phyllis Hyman
That’s just to name a few.  What would you add to the inspiring “Lets Get Sad!” playlist?  Do you have any interestingly titled or themed playlist(s)?

random music musings…

Just some random music thoughts, tidbits, trivia that has been on my mind.  I am bored, someone needs to  hire me asaptually before I lose my mind.

stevie wonder  in square circle music


  • I was listening to “I Love You Too Much”  by Stevie Wonder and noticed at the end of the song after the bridge he slyly says, “Huh, maybe 3 much!”  This really made me chuckle and smile.  Little things make me happy.
  • I have become addicted to the song “Take That To The Bank” by Shalamar.  It is extra crackish.  It plays in my head all day.  I blame The PBG for introducing me to the song.  She is a bad influence.
Phonte Chrity Starts at home

the cover >>>>>

  • I have been listening to Phonte‘s new album “Charity Starts At Home” on repeat for the last 36 hours (in between my Shalamar fixes -_-)  and I am so proud of this album.  His amazing lyricism and huge growth as an artist are evident in this project.  I like or love every single song.  Right now “Everything Is Falling Down” is my go-to jam.  Definitely cop that!
  • I had  a Beyoncé song actually grow on me.  If you know me then you know this is quite a feat!  I actually now enjoy “Love On Top.”  Even though it still sounds like an Al Jarreau song to me, but I digress.

  • You ever been walking in the mall or grocery store and want to randomly yell SHABBA! ? No? Oh. (Word to @greydotmatters)
These are my most listened to songs in the past 7 days… because you care:
pam on martin dancing gif

gratuitous animated gif...

What y’all listening to?  What is  some music randomness you want to share?  Sharing is caring by the way.

Hairbrushes, Mics, and Things…


hairbrush mic microphone

true story...

As y’all have probably figured out, I am a music fiend (it’s like the lyrics be calling me à la Pookie/Tyrone Biggums/K-Ci). I just wanted to share some of my favorite hairbrush mic songs… you know the songs that you grab the nearest object in sight to be your microphone. These songs make me sublimely happy  and overzealous with my performance.   I promise it would bring you much joy to see me perform them live.  Promise.

miki howard album cover

"The closed sign on my door, I had to tearrrrr it downnnnn..."

“Love Under New Management” – Miki Howard

I actually do lead AND backup WITH commentary for the whole song including where Miki gets to talking at the end of the song.  This is truly a treat/spectacle.


janelle monae arch android cover

"Sufferin' in sinking sand, all the hurrrrrrt..."

  Janelle Monae – Oh, Maker

Oh how I love this weird little song by the even weirder Janelle Monae.  I go all the way in when singing this song.  I get emotional and everything, it will probably bring you to tears (of laughter).


bilal first born second

"How do you runnnnnn this race, and never looooooose your pace...."

“Queen of Sanity” Bilal Queen of Sanity

Another weird little song by a weird singer that is made for dramatics.  In fact, if you don not sing this song dramatically I question the existence of your soul and your credibility.

Here are a few more Hairbrush Mic Classics of mine:

“Whenever You’re Around” Jill Scott


 “Everything She Wants” George Michael (Wham!)

01 Everything She Wants

“Fairy Tales” Anita Baker

09 Fairy Tales

What are YOUR hairbrush mic songs?

Caterwaul Compilation

siberian cat yawning



I am a lover of soul singers and divas with strong melodic voices.  However for some reason there is a special place in my heart for some of the singers with a caterwaul delivery of bad singing that is so wrong that it is right.   Plus I like the word caterwaul, as was highlighted in the All Words EVERYTHING! post:



1. To cry or screech like a cat in heat.

2. To make a shrill, discordant sound.

3. To have a noisy argument.

I decided to make a playlist,  a Caterwaul Compilation if you will.  Bitches love playlists, allegedly.
“911” – Mary J. Blige & Wyclef Jean – This song is Mary J. Blige’s first appearance on the playlist, and certainly not her last.  She joined forces with the Patron Saint of Shrill Singing, Wyclef Jean.  This song is a hot mess that somehow brings me joy mostly for the eardrum shattering “Feel My BODEEEEEE getting cold” line by Wyclef.
[blackbirdpie url=”″]
Emotional” – Carl Thomas – Some people may wish they never met this song, but I find it simultaneously ear straining and enjoyable.  I have issues. Carl channels his inner distressed cat with the line “I can’t stop crying, inside I’m slowly dying” line.
I Don’t Wanna Do Anything Else” – Mary J. Blige featuring K-Ci Hailey – Mary’s second appearance on the playlist FYI.  At the time this couple was rivalling the crack reign of Whtney and Bobby and came mighty close to the throne.  During this functionalty devoid relationship came a screaming match like no other.
mary j. blige k-ci hailey

in crack we trust... they didn't want to do anything else


You Learn” Alanis Morrisette – I love me some Alanis, Lawd knows I do, but my dear heart yells and yodels on every song.  This song is no exception.

Far Away” Marsha Ambrosius – Really, any of her songs including  selections from the now defunct Floetry albums could have qualified.  Bess her heart.  Bless my heart as well.  She is the Patron Saint of yelling and yodelling on tracks, but I love her anyway.

She drinks tea with shards of glass before each recording session. #fact

Unthinkable (I’m Ready)” – Alicia Keys – Most people who know me personally or chattily know that I hate  do not care for Alicia Keys and her Adultery Carols.  However, for some reason I love her breathy caterwauling on this song.

So High”  – John Legend – This has lately been the go-to karaoke song for people who can actually sing and the gays.   I think John Legend sounds more like he is in pain than in love with shoes scraping the sky, but I enjoy it nonetheless.



What songs would you add to the list?

phyllis hyman… (poem)

I was discussing with someone randomly the irony and sadness of the fact that Phyllis Hyman had an album entitled “Prime of My Life” and unfortunately committed suicide in said prime.  If you are not familiar with Phyllis Hyman or her music, click here to get a brief synopsis.  After that get familiar with a voice that I dare you to try to describe.    My poem below is inspired by her life and struggles, because a lot of it is parallel to some things I have gone through in the past.

Phyllis Hyman - Prime of My Life album cover



is just shit I haven’t done yet

and probably won’t

maybe i was born

catalyst resistant

unhappily consistent

self loathingly persistent

and here I  sit

in my alleged prime

just a number

where i can only be divided by myself evenly

your words

your praises

seem to only leave remainders of dashed dreams

and futile hoping

leaving me living all alone

in this crowded space.

depression has a strange sense of humor that way.

except i’m not laughing.

A Phyllis Hyman video for you to enjoy…


[originally posted 9-23-10]