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phyllis hyman… (poem)

I was discussing with someone randomly the irony and sadness of the fact that Phyllis Hyman had an album entitled “Prime of My Life” and unfortunately committed suicide in said prime.  If you are not familiar with Phyllis Hyman or her music, click here to get a brief synopsis.  After that get familiar with a voice that I dare you to try to describe.    My poem below is inspired by her life and struggles, because a lot of it is parallel to some things I have gone through in the past.

Phyllis Hyman - Prime of My Life album cover



is just shit I haven’t done yet

and probably won’t

maybe i was born

catalyst resistant

unhappily consistent

self loathingly persistent

and here I  sit

in my alleged prime

just a number

where i can only be divided by myself evenly

your words

your praises

seem to only leave remainders of dashed dreams

and futile hoping

leaving me living all alone

in this crowded space.

depression has a strange sense of humor that way.

except i’m not laughing.

A Phyllis Hyman video for you to enjoy…


[originally posted 9-23-10]

Seismic Syllables

An old poem I found that seemed earthquake appropriate:


earthquake seismic
earthquakes can be sexy though… read below:


Seismic syllables flowed from vocal chords …

As your lips parted,

And released a blast of energy

Passion reverberated within this Earth’s focus

Cracked the epicenter, broke through the surface

Revealing uncharted ground…

Exposing layers…

Shifting landscapes and perspectives…

Destroying the doubt that once was

Making the new me unrecognizable

Verbiage vibrating through my terra firma

Parlance setting forth heart palpitations and tremors

Tsunami flows of diction exposing all vulnerabilities…

Seismic syllables shaking up my world ……

Eagerly anticipating the aftershocks.


A continuation of this poem can be found here: Naturally Alise’s Blog Poetry Slam 2: Thirst

Haiku randomness…


haiku symbol


I am feeling haiku-ish today, so I will post a few, no particular theme or anything .   Please feel  free to add your own haiku in the comments.  By “feel free” I mean DO IT!  No pressure.


peace quote


my inner turmoil

manifests itself through words

pen’s a peace maker

book hug haiku

hug a book. Some of y'all need to hug about 3 or 4. Just sayin'. -_-

on cold lonely nights

i hug my journal tightly

and cuddle with words.


early bird gets the worm

he smart #dinnamug...

cliches often lie

early birds don’t get the worm

the smart bird gets it


So hop to it and write a little something!  Literally, a little something, haiku are short!

love revolution… (poem)

I often hear people speak of revolution, but I always feel that is a such a broad word that often gets misconstrued, especially by poets. I think it means different things to different people and I think if we started defining what this even means then real change can occur. Check out my poem…

revolution spelled backwards

true story...

love revolution…

Some say that I am a love poet
I’m definitely not an over-analytical poet
Certainly not a political poet
Not a fight the power poet
Not talk you to death for an hour poet
But don’t you dare say I’m not a revolutionary poet
I don’t make conspiracy theories
Or talk about the government
But to me revolution
Is just evolution with an R
And I am steadily changing… growing… fighting

But if by revolutionary you mean talking in circles
….and circumventing responsibility,
then by all means you are the spokesperson……
I ain’t buying the fight the power act…..
love, life, and loss…..
that’s what causes a creative commotion in my cranium
when pain permeates my person and pummels and pounds my peace
it is the real revolutions, revelations, and resolutions
that relieve my worries, weary, and woes …
but hey that’s just me


Take a listen to a different version of this poem:

[iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ src=””]

And you may think my logic is backwards, but revolution spelled backwards is n-o-i-t-u-LOVE-r, so love is inside of it, so I will write about it.

Naturally Physics…

Physics, Alise and Cheekie style!

I was perusing my poems and some Cheekie chats and discovered I make a lot of physics references.  Now, I am not saying they are correct or sense-filled references, but references nonetheless.  Just wanted to share some random physics-minded things with you.  Enjoy:

picture of the sun

I am a ball of nonsensical energy and foolish reactions, kinda like the sun of fun. Oooh, that rhymed.

This is where I discuss the concept of foolishness inertia, it makes total sense.  Ok, it makes sense in my #CircusOlay (Cirque du Soleil) of of a brain.


Alise: he is all mushy and romantic
i aint, lol
i am a big ball of goofy and silly energy
pinchmycheekie: goofy and silly energy is where it’s at
i learned that in physics
Alise: An absurd thought in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force…. or a hater.
(I am such a dork)
pinchmycheekie: cackles
Alise: Foolishness Inertia. Getchu a piece. It tastes like chicken
pinchmycheekie: of course it does


This poem touches on some lovely physics as well.  Yes, Lovely Physics 101 was offered at my univeristy.  It’s like regular physics but fancier and more stylish.   Don’t be jealous:

physics shirt

In Lovely Physics 101 we wear fancy and nerdy tee shirts like this, because we are, ummmm.... fancy and nerdy...

my heart is on the floor
i wish someone could extract the gravity out of it
and transfer it to my feet
so i can finally stand
on solid ground
and maybe motivation
instead of  inertia
can keep me moving
past the pain
and I can take a step
from you.


Then of course I have a couple irreverent haiku dedicated to none other than Isaac Newton…

issac newton

Issac Newton: Don't act like his hair ain't luxurious when you know that it is!

i will not fall down

so i say f*ck gravity

inertia’s better


f*ck Isaac Newton

“discovered” the obvious

just like a damn man



Good times with physics, y’all know I love a theme!