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The Afro you all know and love, Naturally Alise! I am a poet/spoken-word artist, blogger, internet addict, and web designer. I am a lover of all things silly and nerdy, but I am sure you figured that out! Enjoy the blog!

“Love At First Bark” Review

love at first bark julie klam

Love at First Bark is as cute a read as the doggy on the cover ūüôā


Love at First Bark” is ¬†a really sweet collection of the author, Julie Klam‘s, ¬†experiences with dog rescues (and in some cases mishaps and ¬†escapades!). ¬† This heart-warming little book is a quick and cute-as-a-button read. ¬†I¬†found¬†myself laughing and fighting allergies crying ¬†and starting to care about the dogs myself as I went through the book. ¬†I thought it was incredibly cool that she was able to tell her life story through the dog rescues. ¬†How creative a way is that to write a memoir?! ¬† I would definitely¬†recommend¬†this well-written book to all ages whether you are an animal lover or not; There is¬†something¬†in it for everyone. ¬†Make sure to visit the BlogHer Book Club page for Love at First Bark!


BlogHer Book Club Reviewer

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.




Sisterhood of the Blogging Scarves…


Naturally Alise Scarf Scarves

It is me! All ready for Autumn. I like to say Autumn instead of Fall because it sounds fancier. Go on ahead and judge, I don't care.

Yes, the title is corny. ¬†Sue me. ¬†I am not a fasionista by any means. ¬†However, I am an accesory lover. ¬†Everthing from purses, belts, boots, scarves, to jewelry makes my life happy and wakens up my pretty boring outfits. ¬†My favorite thing as of late is scarves and you know how I obsess about things. ¬† Scarves aren’t just for keeping warm anymore. ¬†They can be neck, shoulder, or hair¬†accessories. ¬†The more creative the use the better. ¬†I asked my closest blogger friends to send me pictures of themselves in some of their scarves. ¬†Check these gorgeous gals (and their blogs) out!


Nakia scarf scarves

Sunny gorgeous scarfs like Nakia's adds a pop of color to any outfit!


This is my frenemy Nakia; ¬†She is the author of the fabulous personal ¬†blog “Naked and Natural” ¬†Isn’t she so pretty? (Don’t tell her I said that, I’ll never hear the end of it)


Luvvie scarf scarves

Luvvie's scarf puts the perfect finishing touch for a polished well put together look!


When asked for her scarf look, Luvvie said the following:

Wells you know I’m a HUGE scarf fiend. My neck don’t be without one in these winter months.

Nuff said!  Luvvie is one of my favorite people in real life and online, check out one of her plethora of blogs & projects:

Randomness –¬†
Design/Portfolio –¬†
DumbestTweets –¬†
Shoes –¬†


Cashawn PBG scarf scarves

This scarf elevates PBG's already sassy look! (WERK!)

Cashawn, aka The PBG, is my big sister in my head and a truly fantastic friend and blogger.  This Naturalista and Baby Whisperer extraordinaire wrtes the blog Dirty Pretty Thangs.  On Twitter she is @ThePBG!


Brandeyn beencee scarf scarves

Even my Cali homie Bee is all about a wonderful scarf! Cah-yute!

Brandelyn is a very close and dear friend of mine.  She is a published author, her latest book Dreams Are Not Concerned is available along with 3 other offerings at (Also available on Kindle and Nook).  Her website and blog is located at


Lauren livelovelibra  scarf scarves

A simple classic winter scarf gets the job done of adding a little style to your life! Hey Lauren, Hey!

Lauren is a new buddy of mine  from my D.C. crew who is a silly, fun, lunatic person.  She has an awesome blog called Life of A Libra!


Cheekie scarf scarves

A cool scarf can even make a t-shirt AND Cheekie look cute. Scarves make you look like you tried much harder than you really did!

Last and least (tee hee, I kid, I kid)  is my partner in GChat crime, Cheekie.  She is the author of the blog Pinch My Cheekie.  Here was what she wrote when she sent in her picture:

I just took a pic (or 15) of myself in my new favorite scarf. It’s an inifinity scarf I got from H&M recently and I love it! Also, I love the concept of infinity scarves because I love infinity. My favorite number is 8 (infinite swag digit), I love the phrase “To infinity and beyond” (Pixar standom showing), and I also love “The Circle of Life” (from the ultimate Disney movie, The Lion Kang) which never ends.¬†I’m also rockin’ my Red Pump Project tee in this pic. *coughHeyLuvviecough*

Purses, Belts, Boots, Scarves and Bling ‚Äď How can you bring your look to life with accessories?

See my answer here.

Also enter to win:  

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 3: Share A Moment and Enter to Win $250


By the way,  how do you think my homies look in their scarves?

Color Me Badly…

Wait until you see how clever that title is; you will be impressed. ¬† So¬†surprise-surprise I was talking to my social deviant and inferior afro’ed “friend” Cheekie on GChat and we got off on one of our characteristic tangents. ¬†This is what had happened and was:

Cheekie: so i totally just reblogged that halloween colored contest pic on your tumblr with this: “LAWD, yes. I used to LOOK UP to chirruns that could¬†color¬†like this. Like, I went to the “Neat Ass School For Youths” (or NASFY for short) so I could¬†color¬†like this. There was a specific technique to it. Yes, lawd
me:   I was so diligent about coloring,  I had a very specific technique
halloween coloring contest

This is the aforementioned picture. *snickers* See what they did there? (Great technique too)

See, you think we just talk about silly things, but we tackle important social issues like this. *crickets* Ok, yes I am still sily and I don’t think anything is changing that anytime soon. ¬†Sue me. ¬†Our conversation made me start reminscing of the days when things were all so simple and our main concern was coloring and arts and crafts. ¬†Let me tell you, I was a coloring master, I took time to hone this beautiful craft. ¬† First off when you wanted to be a coloring sensai you MUST have the right tools. ¬†hear me out.
rose art crayons

Do not use these waxy stranger bish crayons, in fact calling them crayons is a strong statement. They are an abomination to all that is holy and colorful. They are the Keri Hilson of coloring implements.

Avoid these like the plague, Bubonic or otherwise.
crayola 64 color crayons with sharpener

You must go high class with your crayonage. Yes, crayonage. Crayola is the Holy Grail of art supplies, act accordingly.

So now that you have  your supplies together, you must develop a technique.  I know folks say to color in the lines is boring and you should strive to break the mold, but this is only a trite  metaphor.  In real coloring life, stay your rebellious ass in the lines.  Just do it.
its okay to color outside the lines


My technique was to outline the hard lines in a color and color in lightly. ¬†It was fancy, trust me, I am the master. ¬†I did not care for the extra hard¬†overcompensating crayon-killing coloring. ¬†I think those kids had aggression issues that coloring was not going to remedy. ¬†Just a thought. ¬† Don’t you miss the good old days of coloring and snacks?

Gumby? Do. Not. Want.

I am not a fan of ¬†Claymation. ¬†Why am I talking about this? ¬†Well, I am gonna tell you in a minte. ¬†This is a blog you know, be patient. ¬†*Clears throat* ¬†Anyway, Google’s doodle for today was this scariness below:


google gumby doodle claymation

creepy Claymation. Also, don't judge my plethora of tabs, you don't know my life!!!


Yes, the horror!!!  And this Cheekie chick that I sometimes converse with against my will says:


[blackbirdpie url=”!/pinchmycheekie/status/124122884208721920″]


And then me in all my all knowingness and wisdom say:


[blackbirdpie url=”!/NaturallyAlise/status/124124472004452352″]


Then after some more characteristic slander by Cheekie we take it this far. She is such a habitual line-stepper.


[blackbirdpie url=”!/NaturallyAlise/status/124133649582006273″]


Yeah, she always takes stuff way too far. ¬†I hate her. ¬†Anyway, I actually don’t know why Claymation creeps me out. ¬†I think it may be the choppiness of the movements. ¬†I think the disjointedness will magically pop out the screen and attack my unborn children. ¬†This makes sense in my mind. ¬† I also do not like the texture of clay, the way it feels and looks. ¬†Just one of those strange aversions. ¬†*shruglife* ¬†But just when I thought the Gumby/Claymation madness was over, here comes my “friend” Bee with some mess

Bee: Why am i over here watching old Gumby episodes
Alise:¬†I don’t effs with Gumby
Bee: …..Well, ¬†its been very nice knowing you:¬†
Alise: is that Claymation you are sending me?
Bee: *whistles*
Alise: not clicking shit
Alise: *whistles*
Bee:touche my friend, touche
Alise: i clicked it, you happy?


this is the link she sent.  Rude.


I think Gumby weirds me out the most, but there are other Claymation figures that disturb me.  Of course I will share:

california raisins

I don't even like real raisins. Claymation raisins??? From California like Bee??? Do. not.want.


claymation christmas special

I never cared for the Christmas Claymation crap. (oooh alliteration!) Bah Humbug!


You know I report the hard hitting issues.How do you feel about Claymation?

Playlist Fun…

I am a playlist obsessor. I have this weird compulsion with themes when it comes to music.   If I do not make themed playlists I will end up listening to the same few songs over and over.    A fun thing about my iTunes is all the random, colorful names I have for various playlists.  I am convinced I was dropped on the head repeatedly as a child.  I am absolutely sure of it.   Here are some of  interesting playlist names in my iTunes:

itunes playlist snapshot

a glimpse into the world of my itunes...

  • “What the hell are they saying?” – This is a playlist of all foreign music. ¬†It contains artists such as Fela Kuti, Les Nubians, and Selena. ¬†I have no idea what they are talking about, but the music goes hella hard!
  • Mary J. Blige Songs I Actually Like” – self explanatory, after the “Mary” album things got sketchy. ¬†Just saying.
i love north carolina NC

I have a penchant for North Carolina.

  • Phonte and ‘Nem” – This is my glorious playlist with every Little Brother, Foreign Exchange, Hall of Justus, Phonte, Zo!, 9th Wonder song ever made. ¬†I am so North Carolina.
carlton on fresh prince dancing animated gif

The "Annoyingly Cheerful" playlist dance.

  • “Annoyingly Cheerful” – Every chipper, high energy,¬†and cheeseball song in my music library is featured on theis playlist. ¬†It incudes such tunes as:
    • ¬†“Make it Happen” – Mariah Carey¬†
    • “Dream on Dreamer” – Brand New Heavies
    • “Best Friend” – Brandy
    • “Alright” – Ledisi
    • “Tightrope” – Janelle Monae
fancy as fuck

that's me!

  • “Ignorant Sh*t” is the best playlist of them all! ¬†This contains such class act songs as:
    • “MuhFucka” –¬†Redman
    • “How About Some Hardcore” –¬†M.O.P.
    • ¬†“Brooklyn Zoo” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    • “Dog Sh*t” – Wu Tang Clan
    • “Throw Ya Guns” – Onyx

¬†Impressed aren’t ya? ¬†You should be.

I also am a playist¬†masochist. ¬†When I get sad do I throw on the “Annoyingly Cheerful” or “Ignorant Sh*t” list? ¬†Of course not. I throw on the “Let’s Get Sad!” playlist.

evil walmart smiley

C'mon y'all... Let's get SAD!!!!

Sometimes when you are going through something you need time to wallow in your sorrows and get a good cry. Well, thse selections from that playlist get the job done every time. Enjoy, well maybe don’t enjoy, get sad. Or something. I digress.¬† This highly uplifting list contains :

  • “Good Mourning” – india.arie
  • “Heartless” – Kanye West
  • “When Will You Call” – Bilal
  • “Song Cry” – Jay-Z
  • “Living All Alone” – Phyllis Hyman
That’s¬†just¬†to name a few. ¬†What would you add to the inspiring “Lets Get Sad!” playlist? ¬†Do you have any interestingly titled or themed playlist(s)?