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Color Me Badly…

Wait until you see how clever that title is; you will be impressed.   So surprise-surprise I was talking to my social deviant and inferior afro’ed “friend” Cheekie on GChat and we got off on one of our characteristic tangents.  This is what had happened and was:

Cheekie: so i totally just reblogged that halloween colored contest pic on your tumblr with this: “LAWD, yes. I used to LOOK UP to chirruns that could color like this. Like, I went to the “Neat Ass School For Youths” (or NASFY for short) so I could color like this. There was a specific technique to it. Yes, lawd
me:   I was so diligent about coloring,  I had a very specific technique
halloween coloring contest

This is the aforementioned picture. *snickers* See what they did there? (Great technique too)

See, you think we just talk about silly things, but we tackle important social issues like this. *crickets* Ok, yes I am still sily and I don’t think anything is changing that anytime soon.  Sue me.  Our conversation made me start reminscing of the days when things were all so simple and our main concern was coloring and arts and crafts.  Let me tell you, I was a coloring master, I took time to hone this beautiful craft.   First off when you wanted to be a coloring sensai you MUST have the right tools.  hear me out.
rose art crayons

Do not use these waxy stranger bish crayons, in fact calling them crayons is a strong statement. They are an abomination to all that is holy and colorful. They are the Keri Hilson of coloring implements.

Avoid these like the plague, Bubonic or otherwise.
crayola 64 color crayons with sharpener

You must go high class with your crayonage. Yes, crayonage. Crayola is the Holy Grail of art supplies, act accordingly.

So now that you have  your supplies together, you must develop a technique.  I know folks say to color in the lines is boring and you should strive to break the mold, but this is only a trite  metaphor.  In real coloring life, stay your rebellious ass in the lines.  Just do it.
its okay to color outside the lines


My technique was to outline the hard lines in a color and color in lightly.  It was fancy, trust me, I am the master.  I did not care for the extra hard overcompensating crayon-killing coloring.  I think those kids had aggression issues that coloring was not going to remedy.  Just a thought.   Don’t you miss the good old days of coloring and snacks?