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“Love At First Bark” Review

love at first bark julie klam

Love at First Bark is as cute a read as the doggy on the cover ūüôā


Love at First Bark” is ¬†a really sweet collection of the author, Julie Klam‘s, ¬†experiences with dog rescues (and in some cases mishaps and ¬†escapades!). ¬† This heart-warming little book is a quick and cute-as-a-button read. ¬†I¬†found¬†myself laughing and fighting allergies crying ¬†and starting to care about the dogs myself as I went through the book. ¬†I thought it was incredibly cool that she was able to tell her life story through the dog rescues. ¬†How creative a way is that to write a memoir?! ¬† I would definitely¬†recommend¬†this well-written book to all ages whether you are an animal lover or not; There is¬†something¬†in it for everyone. ¬†Make sure to visit the BlogHer Book Club page for Love at First Bark!


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Review of “How to be an American Housewife”

how to be an american housewife

interesting read...


I enjoyed reading How To Be an American Housewife, the latest slection I have read for the BlogHer Book Club. ¬†The book’s author Margaret Dilloway writes well, imbuing her characters with an interesting voice. The characters are the center of this story and rightly so. Although the surprises and plot twists are revealed in the first section of the novel, the author creates such vivid, flawed, and human characters, especially the character of Shoko, that the reader is compelled to forge ahead.

The story is told in two voices, that of Shoko and of her daughter Suiko. It deftly explores the cultural divisions, and surprising similarities, between a mother and daughter who have grown up in two different worlds, WWII Japan and modern-day America. Shoko has worked hard to become as American a housewife as she can be, even referring to a handbook of the same title as the novel, while Suiko is disenchanted with her life as an American single mother. Excerpts from the handbook are presented as an organizing tool at the beginning of each chapter. Well worth reading, providing an interesting look into the intersection of Japanese and American cultures.



This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

Alise Reviews ‘Rules of Civility’

 rules of civility amor towles

My latest read...


I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the novel Rules of Civility by Amor Towles for the BlogHer Book Club.  It is a nod to the old school with the feel of The Great Gatsby and other novels chronicling  that period.  Check out my review of this awesome historical fiction: Rules of Civility Has Old School Charm.