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Gumby? Do. Not. Want.

I am not a fan of  Claymation.  Why am I talking about this?  Well, I am gonna tell you in a minte.  This is a blog you know, be patient.  *Clears throat*  Anyway, Google’s doodle for today was this scariness below:


google gumby doodle claymation

creepy Claymation. Also, don't judge my plethora of tabs, you don't know my life!!!


Yes, the horror!!!  And this Cheekie chick that I sometimes converse with against my will says:


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/pinchmycheekie/status/124122884208721920″]


And then me in all my all knowingness and wisdom say:


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/NaturallyAlise/status/124124472004452352″]


Then after some more characteristic slander by Cheekie we take it this far. She is such a habitual line-stepper.


[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/NaturallyAlise/status/124133649582006273″]


Yeah, she always takes stuff way too far.  I hate her.  Anyway, I actually don’t know why Claymation creeps me out.  I think it may be the choppiness of the movements.  I think the disjointedness will magically pop out the screen and attack my unborn children.  This makes sense in my mind.   I also do not like the texture of clay, the way it feels and looks.  Just one of those strange aversions.  *shruglife*  But just when I thought the Gumby/Claymation madness was over, here comes my “friend” Bee with some mess

Bee: Why am i over here watching old Gumby episodes
Alise: I don’t effs with Gumby
Bee: …..Well,  its been very nice knowing you: http://youtu.be/AhczFRlBT2E
Alise: is that Claymation you are sending me?
Bee: *whistles*
Alise: not clicking shit
Alise: *whistles*
Bee:touche my friend, touche
Alise: i clicked it, you happy?


this is the link she sent.  Rude.


I think Gumby weirds me out the most, but there are other Claymation figures that disturb me.  Of course I will share:

california raisins

I don't even like real raisins. Claymation raisins??? From California like Bee??? Do. not.want.


claymation christmas special

I never cared for the Christmas Claymation crap. (oooh alliteration!) Bah Humbug!


You know I report the hard hitting issues.How do you feel about Claymation?



blah blah blah etc chat

Cheekie is the "blah blah blah" of the chat world, I am the "etc...", yup I am the ellipsis too.

Chatopia is a magical land that is inhabited by myself and Cheekie where we nonsensically chat and meander through life alongside unicorns and bootleg Care Bears.    Yes, this makes sense, get into it.  Yeah, today I bring you another collection of noteworthy and idiotic chat conversations of me and the chatter who shall remain nameless except the fact that you know her name is Cheekie, minor details though.

Enjoy the ignorant chat adventure:



bazinga animated gif

always relevant.

Cheekie: bingo!

me: bazinga!

Cheekie: pow!

me: no boom boom

Cheekie: why didn’t they never say “holy onomatopoeia batman!” what a waste

me: Cheekie, bye.


corinne bailey rae

My chat status shows that I am playing “Call Me When You Get There,” by Corrine Bailey Rae

Cheekie: awww, corinne’s adorrabo self
i bet she smell like lilac and animated bunnies (i say animated because i’m sure real bunnies smell like sex and poop)

me: LOL

you just want to put her in your pocket

not literally bc that is kidnapping and freaky



california raisins


me: so I may write a post about the bootleg a$$ stranger b!tch Smurf movie
Cheekie: LOL
me: you know, the hard hitting issues
Cheekie: why it look they copied and pasted the smurfs into cut-outs of Alvin and the chipmunks doe
it looks like the same movie
me: right!!!
claymation without the clay
this makes sense.
Cheekie: !!!
me: side note, I hate claymation
it is scary at me
freaked me out as a kid, I HATED the California Raisins
actually yes THEY were scary. I loved Rudolph an’nem doe. But they did look like that Parkinson’s
me: not “THAT” Parkinson’s
Cheekie: *they had
that was so a typo but it worked huh
me: ol accidentally funny self
Cheekie: pow!
I accidentally shot that by the way
no one was hurt
me: be careful
Cheekie: sigh.I shall.


Good times had by all.  But seriously does Claymation freak anyone else out?  Oh  it’s just me?  *evil glare*  Chat with me and let me know!