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See What Had Happened Was…

Hey y’all, hey.  As you can tell my site looks a whole lot different.  Well see what had happened was:


cartoon walking taco GIF

I was just chilling, minding my business and being generally cool like this taco.



butters boom boom pow animated gif

I then started making some tweaks to my site and cut on some music and got all into it and lost all in the rhythm and sh*t.


fuck logic animated gif stick figure

Next thing I knew the above picture applied to me.



florida evans damn damn damn animated gif

Yes, I destroyed my site. Well it was destroyed to my web designer general nerd standards. WELP!

lilo and stitch bedtime animated gif

So I slept on it and decided to just do a redesign. I am so ambitious and insane. Good combo. Good meaning bad.

whitney houston animated  gif flipping hair

So I woke up and worked on it all day and fixed my mess... like a boss. *Curtsies*



The End. How y’all like it?

naturally alise web design logo

get into it.




blah blah blah etc chat

Cheekie is the "blah blah blah" of the chat world, I am the "etc...", yup I am the ellipsis too.

Chatopia is a magical land that is inhabited by myself and Cheekie where we nonsensically chat and meander through life alongside unicorns and bootleg Care Bears.    Yes, this makes sense, get into it.  Yeah, today I bring you another collection of noteworthy and idiotic chat conversations of me and the chatter who shall remain nameless except the fact that you know her name is Cheekie, minor details though.

Enjoy the ignorant chat adventure:



bazinga animated gif

always relevant.

Cheekie: bingo!

me: bazinga!

Cheekie: pow!

me: no boom boom

Cheekie: why didn’t they never say “holy onomatopoeia batman!” what a waste

me: Cheekie, bye.


corinne bailey rae

My chat status shows that I am playing “Call Me When You Get There,” by Corrine Bailey Rae

Cheekie: awww, corinne’s adorrabo self
i bet she smell like lilac and animated bunnies (i say animated because i’m sure real bunnies smell like sex and poop)

me: LOL

you just want to put her in your pocket

not literally bc that is kidnapping and freaky



california raisins


me: so I may write a post about the bootleg a$$ stranger b!tch Smurf movie
Cheekie: LOL
me: you know, the hard hitting issues
Cheekie: why it look they copied and pasted the smurfs into cut-outs of Alvin and the chipmunks doe
it looks like the same movie
me: right!!!
claymation without the clay
this makes sense.
Cheekie: !!!
me: side note, I hate claymation
it is scary at me
freaked me out as a kid, I HATED the California Raisins
actually yes THEY were scary. I loved Rudolph an’nem doe. But they did look like that Parkinson’s
me: not “THAT” Parkinson’s
Cheekie: *they had
that was so a typo but it worked huh
me: ol accidentally funny self
Cheekie: pow!
I accidentally shot that by the way
no one was hurt
me: be careful
Cheekie: sigh.I shall.


Good times had by all.  But seriously does Claymation freak anyone else out?  Oh  it’s just me?  *evil glare*  Chat with me and let me know!

Excellent GChat Adventure

blah blah blah

another accurate transcript...


I have come to the conclusion that the friendship between myself and Cheekie is probably an endangerment to my overall common sense and mental health.  Don’t be sad though, alcohol is that same endangerment and I’m not quitting that either.  So have no fear we will continue to have more foolish chats and general foolery here for your enjoyment and probably ridicule.  I am secure in my goofiness.  Enjoy!



Mos Def Umi Says

"Umi Says" Great game and record for kids of all ages.


me: when i have my kids I am never having I am gonna teach them to play “Umi Says” instead of “Simon Says”

Because I don’t now Simon, and frankly I don’t trust him

Cheekie: alise? bye.


zach morris phone

Habitual wall-breaker, he'll even call you while busting through the 4th wall.


Cheekie: why is tomorrow Monday? who pulled this turrible prank?!

me: Zach Morris

Cheekie: of course

and he probably broke the 4th wall whilst doing it

what a jackass

me: he is a habitual wallbreaker

Cheekie: smh

he probably served so much time for it

he probably had to face the wall too

sweet justice

me: justice is sugary

Cheekie: ol diabeetus justice

me: candy coated justice

Cheekie: is that why we get cavities?


me:  yes.

Cheekie: wow,   i am enlightened!

me: the more you know…

Cheekie: i’mma tell my dentist that next time i go for a checkup

me: and if they haul you off to the crazy hospital you will know why

albatross around neck

Latest fashion craze courtesy of the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" : #BigAssAlbatross

me: imma get a big platinum chain of an albatross


Cheekie: WHAT??? lol


me: yee ain’t know?

Cheekie: i didn’t

why am i the last to know?

me: i got your latepass on backorder

Cheekie: DAMN

cold as ice

me: tundra.

Cheekie: lol xactly

me: loxactly, is that like precise salmon?

Cheekie: yeah, bye


Yeah, I think we have an aversion to normal behavior and nice things. We’re okay with that. Happy Friday!

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Getting To Happy by Terry McMillan

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MJ The Experience (actually… Inexperience)

MJ The Experience Cover for Wii Michael Jackson

Kaing MIKO!!!

Even though I suck at choreographed  dance moves somehow MJ The Experience is my favorite video game ever in life.  I hollerated in an earlier post about my lack of skills in the dancerie.  Word to Mary J. Blige, who coincidentally is a bad dancer.  Full circle.   If you have been living under a rock, basically the MJ The Experience is a game featuring Michael Jackson’s music and you must follow along with the choreography.  No offense if you actually do live under a rock, sometimes I can be insensitive.  Any-hoo…   I absolutely suck at this game with one major exception.  I am a beast at “Rock With You”  This is the only song on the entire game I will participate in on my own volition.  I made a gif just to show you the part of the choreography that I completely master with  precision.

 MJ The Experience for Wii, "Rock With You" screenshot animated gif

that slide gives me sunshine on a cloudy day son!



No one except the ghost of the Pop of King himself can see me on that immaculate slide.  Dang, I mean King of Pop, but that does sound kind of cool, like a new soda or something.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have some issues with MJ The Experience game for Wii though.  First off, there are some really terrible dance numbers in the game.  Check these tweets out:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/NaturallyAlise/status/81100952798633984″]


[blackbirdpie url=”″]


[blackbirdpie url=”″]


Michael Jackson Paul McCartney The Girl is mine album cover

There is a tug of war sequence in the choreography that is the goofiest thing I have ever witnessed.



There are also a rack on rack on rack of songs on this game that are more obscure and not particularly danceable in my lil’ ol’ opinion.   For example, who immediately is checking for “Ghosts” and “Sunset Driver” to dance to?  Don’t worry.  I’ll wait.   Now, like I said before, I have to be coerced to dance to any songs other than “Rock With You” and because my friends are terrorists I am forced to dance to the hardest choreography on the game.  Yes, the terrorists win… le sigh.  I am glad no one has incriminating video of me fumbling through “Remember the Time” and “Thriller.”   Actually I wish they did so I could show you guys how bad I really am!  I sacrifice my dignity because I love y’all.

Have any of y’all played MJ The Experience?  What’s your signature song?