Gumby? Do. Not. Want.

I am not a fan of  Claymation.  Why am I talking about this?  Well, I am gonna tell you in a minte.  This is a blog you know, be patient.  *Clears throat*  Anyway, Google’s doodle for today was this scariness below:


google gumby doodle claymation

creepy Claymation. Also, don't judge my plethora of tabs, you don't know my life!!!


Yes, the horror!!!  And this Cheekie chick that I sometimes converse with against my will says:


[blackbirdpie url=”!/pinchmycheekie/status/124122884208721920″]


And then me in all my all knowingness and wisdom say:


[blackbirdpie url=”!/NaturallyAlise/status/124124472004452352″]


Then after some more characteristic slander by Cheekie we take it this far. She is such a habitual line-stepper.


[blackbirdpie url=”!/NaturallyAlise/status/124133649582006273″]


Yeah, she always takes stuff way too far.  I hate her.  Anyway, I actually don’t know why Claymation creeps me out.  I think it may be the choppiness of the movements.  I think the disjointedness will magically pop out the screen and attack my unborn children.  This makes sense in my mind.   I also do not like the texture of clay, the way it feels and looks.  Just one of those strange aversions.  *shruglife*  But just when I thought the Gumby/Claymation madness was over, here comes my “friend” Bee with some mess

Bee: Why am i over here watching old Gumby episodes
Alise: I don’t effs with Gumby
Bee: …..Well,  its been very nice knowing you:
Alise: is that Claymation you are sending me?
Bee: *whistles*
Alise: not clicking shit
Alise: *whistles*
Bee:touche my friend, touche
Alise: i clicked it, you happy?


this is the link she sent.  Rude.


I think Gumby weirds me out the most, but there are other Claymation figures that disturb me.  Of course I will share:

california raisins

I don't even like real raisins. Claymation raisins??? From California like Bee??? Do. not.want.


claymation christmas special

I never cared for the Christmas Claymation crap. (oooh alliteration!) Bah Humbug!


You know I report the hard hitting issues.How do you feel about Claymation?

16 thoughts on “Gumby? Do. Not. Want.”

  1. Claymation Rules Everything Around Me. C.R.E.A.M.


    I luh me some Rudolph and the misfit toys. And the way they dance all jerky-like. It’s the only time I accept non-fluid movements in dancing.

    Those California Raisins, doe? You got legit beef. Nawl son. Nawl daughter. Heck, nawl cousin first removed.

    1. Get da Gumby! Creepy creepy creep clay y’alllllllll!!!

      That’s the DJ Premier remix. -_-

      The fact that you don’t accept non-fluid dance movements as a rule is another strange commonality we share. Further proof that we go together, lol.

      1. @Brandelyn, Ya know, you already paid it forward with your OG comment below. I definitely fainted after reading it, at least figuratively. But then I got back up because, of course, it gave me life.

  2. I totally judged the hell out of your tabs. Then I scrolled down, and you was all, don’t judge my tabs. Aye, but yo B, you had like… 17 VISIBLE tabs open!!! *whispers “seventeen”* That’s not even the ones that don’t show up… You wanna talk about it?

    1. See, I had expected this kind of slander from the chick above you, but YOU, YOU?! Actually I would totally expect his from you, but see what had happened was is, ummmm…. well actually that’s less tabs than usual, lol.

  3. First and foremost… Alise, you are a hater. Gumby, Pokey and all of their primary colored homies were AMAZING. I mean… they get slip in and out of any book they wanted. ANd don’t get me started on the adventures…
    And let’s also add that you are insensitive to the disabled. You don’t know what Gumby’s been through. All that bending and smashing… wait.. this isn’t coming out right.
    *starts over* You don’t know Gumby’s situation. He has been through some thangs and that affects his ability to move. You wrong for that… hating on his moves. He did the best he could.
    And your hatred of the Raisins?! Those are sacred! I used to have the album, the board game, the theme song AND silky smooth dance moves down, and even considered learning the saxophone just so I could join the group. Those Raisins were legends. Why do you think wearing shades at any time of day or night became popular? The Raisins. Why did stealing songs and remixing them become popular? The Raisins. You think fraternities and sororities came up with dancing in lines? Nope. They got it from the Raisins.
    This history lesson was brought you by the National Association for Stop Hatin’ on Gumby’s Raisins… wait… let me try that again…

      1. Why thank you. I will have the California Raisins stroll over to pick up my Certificate. *throws on shades and glides to the next adventure*

  4. Oh. But I loved them all. *snicker* You know me… #ISuggestTherapy. You better get to the ROOT of your fear so you can over come it. 😀 Get out that childhood trauma & work through it. LOL!!!

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