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I am a playlist obsessor. I have this weird compulsion with themes when it comes to music.   If I do not make themed playlists I will end up listening to the same few songs over and over.    A fun thing about my iTunes is all the random, colorful names I have for various playlists.  I am convinced I was dropped on the head repeatedly as a child.  I am absolutely sure of it.   Here are some of  interesting playlist names in my iTunes:

itunes playlist snapshot

a glimpse into the world of my itunes...

  • “What the hell are they saying?” – This is a playlist of all foreign music.  It contains artists such as Fela Kuti, Les Nubians, and Selena.  I have no idea what they are talking about, but the music goes hella hard!
  • Mary J. Blige Songs I Actually Like” – self explanatory, after the “Mary” album things got sketchy.  Just saying.
i love north carolina NC

I have a penchant for North Carolina.

  • Phonte and ‘Nem” – This is my glorious playlist with every Little Brother, Foreign Exchange, Hall of Justus, Phonte, Zo!, 9th Wonder song ever made.  I am so North Carolina.
carlton on fresh prince dancing animated gif

The "Annoyingly Cheerful" playlist dance.

  • “Annoyingly Cheerful” – Every chipper, high energy, and cheeseball song in my music library is featured on theis playlist.  It incudes such tunes as:
    •  “Make it Happen” – Mariah Carey 
    • “Dream on Dreamer” – Brand New Heavies
    • “Best Friend” – Brandy
    • “Alright” – Ledisi
    • “Tightrope” – Janelle Monae
fancy as fuck

that's me!

  • “Ignorant Sh*t” is the best playlist of them all!  This contains such class act songs as:
    • “MuhFucka” – Redman
    • “How About Some Hardcore” – M.O.P.
    •  “Brooklyn Zoo” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    • “Dog Sh*t” – Wu Tang Clan
    • “Throw Ya Guns” – Onyx

 Impressed aren’t ya?  You should be.

I also am a playist masochist.  When I get sad do I throw on the “Annoyingly Cheerful” or “Ignorant Sh*t” list?  Of course not. I throw on the “Let’s Get Sad!” playlist.

evil walmart smiley

C'mon y'all... Let's get SAD!!!!

Sometimes when you are going through something you need time to wallow in your sorrows and get a good cry. Well, thse selections from that playlist get the job done every time. Enjoy, well maybe don’t enjoy, get sad. Or something. I digress.  This highly uplifting list contains :

  • “Good Mourning” – india.arie
  • “Heartless” – Kanye West
  • “When Will You Call” – Bilal
  • “Song Cry” – Jay-Z
  • “Living All Alone” – Phyllis Hyman
That’s just to name a few.  What would you add to the inspiring “Lets Get Sad!” playlist?  Do you have any interestingly titled or themed playlist(s)?

10 thoughts on “Playlist Fun…”

  1. I have a playlist called “Sad and Slow” with such gems like “Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” by Mint Condition, “I Sit Away” by Boyz II Men, “Keep On Pushing” by Calvin Richardson, “A Dream” by DeBarge, “Walk On By” by Isaac Hayes, and Adele’s entire 21 album. When I need to get in my feelings, oh it happens.

    I also have random playlist names: “chiLL Music” for all Chicago, Illinois artists, “I Dare You Not to Dance” with songs with infectious beats I can’t help but move to, “I’m Feeling Myself” for songs that make me feel happy about myself, “One Hit Wonders,” “Originals, Covers, and Samples,” and my favorite “The Pillow Playlist” for when things need to get sexy.

    My playlist game is TIGHT, SON!

  2. I LOVE your playlists names.

    I’d definitely add “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers to the “Let’s Get Sad!” playlist because there’s nothing sadder than having no sunshine and repeating over and over that you know.

  3. Well…I have playlists on both iTunes and Spotify, so we’ll go with both…

    daydreaming… – those songs that make me all fuzzy wuzzy on the inside…
    FE Music – pretty self explanatory, all of FE, Yahzarah, and Zo…
    Gospel – once again, self explanatory
    Homework Mix (insert semester here) – music to help me concentrate when i’m getting my homework done
    love talk & slow jams – well. yeah.
    for old times sake… – all my old school jams
    the write stuff – music i put on when i’m writing; it helps me get into a zone

    Looks like I need to get more fancy in my playlist naming… ( ._.)

  4. See, normally I’d read this in Google Reader, giggle and be on my way but EVERY.BIT.OF.THIS. I love your playlist names and feels. I have to admit I fall in the “listen to the same songs forever” group, because I’m not going through all ‘dem damn songs to organize.

    I’m supremely jealous of this organization. Share! Share! Share! (Please?)

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