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Playlist Fun…

I am a playlist obsessor. I have this weird compulsion with themes when it comes to music.   If I do not make themed playlists I will end up listening to the same few songs over and over.    A fun thing about my iTunes is all the random, colorful names I have for various playlists.  I am convinced I was dropped on the head repeatedly as a child.  I am absolutely sure of it.   Here are some of  interesting playlist names in my iTunes:

itunes playlist snapshot

a glimpse into the world of my itunes...

  • “What the hell are they saying?” – This is a playlist of all foreign music.  It contains artists such as Fela Kuti, Les Nubians, and Selena.  I have no idea what they are talking about, but the music goes hella hard!
  • Mary J. Blige Songs I Actually Like” – self explanatory, after the “Mary” album things got sketchy.  Just saying.
i love north carolina NC

I have a penchant for North Carolina.

  • Phonte and ‘Nem” – This is my glorious playlist with every Little Brother, Foreign Exchange, Hall of Justus, Phonte, Zo!, 9th Wonder song ever made.  I am so North Carolina.
carlton on fresh prince dancing animated gif

The "Annoyingly Cheerful" playlist dance.

  • “Annoyingly Cheerful” – Every chipper, high energy, and cheeseball song in my music library is featured on theis playlist.  It incudes such tunes as:
    •  “Make it Happen” – Mariah Carey 
    • “Dream on Dreamer” – Brand New Heavies
    • “Best Friend” – Brandy
    • “Alright” – Ledisi
    • “Tightrope” – Janelle Monae
fancy as fuck

that's me!

  • “Ignorant Sh*t” is the best playlist of them all!  This contains such class act songs as:
    • “MuhFucka” – Redman
    • “How About Some Hardcore” – M.O.P.
    •  “Brooklyn Zoo” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    • “Dog Sh*t” – Wu Tang Clan
    • “Throw Ya Guns” – Onyx

 Impressed aren’t ya?  You should be.

I also am a playist masochist.  When I get sad do I throw on the “Annoyingly Cheerful” or “Ignorant Sh*t” list?  Of course not. I throw on the “Let’s Get Sad!” playlist.

evil walmart smiley

C'mon y'all... Let's get SAD!!!!

Sometimes when you are going through something you need time to wallow in your sorrows and get a good cry. Well, thse selections from that playlist get the job done every time. Enjoy, well maybe don’t enjoy, get sad. Or something. I digress.  This highly uplifting list contains :

  • “Good Mourning” – india.arie
  • “Heartless” – Kanye West
  • “When Will You Call” – Bilal
  • “Song Cry” – Jay-Z
  • “Living All Alone” – Phyllis Hyman
That’s just to name a few.  What would you add to the inspiring “Lets Get Sad!” playlist?  Do you have any interestingly titled or themed playlist(s)?

random music musings…

Just some random music thoughts, tidbits, trivia that has been on my mind.  I am bored, someone needs to  hire me asaptually before I lose my mind.

stevie wonder  in square circle music


  • I was listening to “I Love You Too Much”  by Stevie Wonder and noticed at the end of the song after the bridge he slyly says, “Huh, maybe 3 much!”  This really made me chuckle and smile.  Little things make me happy.
  • I have become addicted to the song “Take That To The Bank” by Shalamar.  It is extra crackish.  It plays in my head all day.  I blame The PBG for introducing me to the song.  She is a bad influence.
Phonte Chrity Starts at home

the cover >>>>>

  • I have been listening to Phonte‘s new album “Charity Starts At Home” on repeat for the last 36 hours (in between my Shalamar fixes -_-)  and I am so proud of this album.  His amazing lyricism and huge growth as an artist are evident in this project.  I like or love every single song.  Right now “Everything Is Falling Down” is my go-to jam.  Definitely cop that!
  • I had  a Beyoncé song actually grow on me.  If you know me then you know this is quite a feat!  I actually now enjoy “Love On Top.”  Even though it still sounds like an Al Jarreau song to me, but I digress.

  • You ever been walking in the mall or grocery store and want to randomly yell SHABBA! ? No? Oh. (Word to @greydotmatters)
These are my most listened to songs in the past 7 days… because you care:
pam on martin dancing gif

gratuitous animated gif...

What y’all listening to?  What is  some music randomness you want to share?  Sharing is caring by the way.

Smooth R and B Breakup Songs…

Some of my favorite R and B of the 80’s and beyond is the breakup song. There are so many to choose from, along with so many different genres of breakup-dom. It all depends on what kind of breakup is going down. Lets explore:

take my broken heart cartoon for breakup song post

Put that in a breakup song!


The Selfish Breakup Song

“Where I Wanna Be” Donnell Jones

This was Donnell Jones’ biggest hit single released in1999.    I used to sing this song (especially the “tweedle deedle dee dee dee dee” yodel riff) at the top of my lungs for most of that year. Even though the “we need some space-ish” lyrics are are kind of selfish and typical, they are at least honest .


a few lyrics:

I’d rather be alone
She doesn’t fully understand me
That I’d rather leave than to cheat
If she gives me some time
I can be the man she needs
But there’s a lot of lust inside of me


The “Did We Just Breakup Song?”

“Pretty Wings” Maxwell

Annoying bell ringing in the background aside, Pretty Wings is high on my list of quality Maxwell tunes. It is also what I sing when I know there are chicken wings in my future, and what a great future that is. Nothing like me singing “PRETTEH WAINGS!!” at a restaurant or bar. Nothing.  The funny thing is most people don’t realize this is not a happy love song.

a few lyrics:

you played me dirty, your game was so bad
You toyed with my affliction
Had to fill out my prescription
For the remedy
I had to set you free.


Dang Maxwell!


The Backhanded Compliment Breakup Song

“You’re Not My Kind of Girl” New Edition

As you all know, New Edition is one of my favorite groups of all time, but this song right here is a hot mess.


the lyrics:

t’s not your looks, you’re very pretty
It’s not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It’s not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I’m sorry, you’re not my kind of girl
‘Cause you’re the kind of girl
That a man’s dreams are made of


Umm, really Ralph?  Really Ralph “Mr Sensitivity” Tresvant?   You just going to tell her she is the girl of your dreams, but not.  Men.


The I’m Over You, But Not Really Post Breakup Song/Manifesto

“Just FIne” Boyz II Men

Not one of their most well known songs, but this song is heart wrenching, becuase Wanya’s cry-singing self ain’t doing fine at all. It is a song allegedly about him being over the love of his life. However, I don’t believe him. He needs a gaggle, pride, and herd of more people to verify this whole “doing just fine” claim. Love the song though:


a few lyrics:

When you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
There were times at night I couldn’t sleep
My heart was much to weak to make it on my own
Baby after all the misery
And pain you put me through
So unfair to me girl
You’re no longer my world and I ain’t missin’ you at all

(You ain’t over that chick. AT. ALL.)


The Restraining Order Non-Optional Breakup Song

“Get Gone” Ideal

Sometimes, especially with psycho-stalkrs, a break up song needs to be direct and to the point. As you know, with some people you an’t leave any sort of glimmer f hope of reconciliation. That’s why you need this song by Ideal, release in 199_ . Complete with cursing, insults, and a smooth track.


this is the dang chorus!!!

I think I better leave, (leave) you alone(alone)
So get yo’ bags (yeah) and get the hell on
See becuz I don’t want you no more (I don’t want you no more)
I think you better leave (leave) me alone (alone)
So get yo’ bags (yeah) get the hell on(get gone)
Because love ain’t here no more

I guess he meant that, huh?

So my lovely readers what are some epic breakup song.s or song categories that you can think of?

Poetic Melodies: Lalah Hathaway

Lalah Hathaway


Lalah Hathaway

simply gorgeous...

I often find poetry hanging out in the  songs of my favorite artists.  I’d like to pull out some lyrics that are pure poetry to me in what I call, “Poetic Melodies.”  Lalah Hathaway is the daughter of my favorite artist of all time: Donny Hathaway.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so today’s Poetic Melodies is featuring the beautiful, talented Lalah Hathaway.  Enjoy:

It was like a lifetime passed right through my fingers
So long ago so much that I didn’t know
Kind of like a light shined down and showed me howHow to move on that was then and this is now

All around me, everywhere
Seems like nothing but despair
Confusion, disillusion
Hanging in the air

Global melancholy smears
a stain across the sky
Somewhere right now someone’s crying
And I just don’t know why

It’s just the naked truth (Truly alive when I’m with you)
It’s just the naked truth (You’ve changed all I thought I knew)
Yet you were living proof (It was given, the times you spent)
As we climb to heights anew (And the naked truth)

Why cant these memories just be erased
Why must i yearn for your kiss
The first moment we’re not face to face
Reminds me how much your missed
Where do we go

Do you have any Lalah Hathaway favorites?



turn up the music block out the world no silence


i hate…
i don’t want to hear
memories then have my undivided attention
nothing to drown out the incessant firing of synapses
playing target practice with my pain.

Seriously, silence is the bane of my existence.  Some people need quite meditation time, but it is torture to me.  I must always have some sort of “something” going on in the background.   Whether it is an unwatched television, constant music, or even the clacking of a computer keyboard, I need it.  I think I am scared to be too alone with my thoughts.  If you knew some of the thoughts or memories going on in my head some days, you would truly understand.  I have a problem sometimes with facing things head on.  I have hit the ground so many times that I have decided I need some sort of safety net up to deal with that.  But until I get confident/strong enough to get rid of my stunt woman or take down the net , turn the music up and end the  silence.