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Seismic Syllables

An old poem I found that seemed earthquake appropriate:


earthquake seismic
earthquakes can be sexy though… read below:


Seismic syllables flowed from vocal chords …

As your lips parted,

And released a blast of energy

Passion reverberated within this Earth’s focus

Cracked the epicenter, broke through the surface

Revealing uncharted ground…

Exposing layers…

Shifting landscapes and perspectives…

Destroying the doubt that once was

Making the new me unrecognizable

Verbiage vibrating through my terra firma

Parlance setting forth heart palpitations and tremors

Tsunami flows of diction exposing all vulnerabilities…

Seismic syllables shaking up my world ……

Eagerly anticipating the aftershocks.


A continuation of this poem can be found here: Naturally Alise’s Blog Poetry Slam 2: Thirst

love revolution… (poem)

I often hear people speak of revolution, but I always feel that is a such a broad word that often gets misconstrued, especially by poets. I think it means different things to different people and I think if we started defining what this even means then real change can occur. Check out my poem…

revolution spelled backwards

true story...

love revolution…

Some say that I am a love poet
I’m definitely not an over-analytical poet
Certainly not a political poet
Not a fight the power poet
Not talk you to death for an hour poet
But don’t you dare say I’m not a revolutionary poet
I don’t make conspiracy theories
Or talk about the government
But to me revolution
Is just evolution with an R
And I am steadily changing… growing… fighting

But if by revolutionary you mean talking in circles
….and circumventing responsibility,
then by all means you are the spokesperson……
I ain’t buying the fight the power act…..
love, life, and loss…..
that’s what causes a creative commotion in my cranium
when pain permeates my person and pummels and pounds my peace
it is the real revolutions, revelations, and resolutions
that relieve my worries, weary, and woes …
but hey that’s just me


Take a listen to a different version of this poem:

[iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ src=””]

And you may think my logic is backwards, but revolution spelled backwards is n-o-i-t-u-LOVE-r, so love is inside of it, so I will write about it.

Smooth R and B Breakup Songs…

Some of my favorite R and B of the 80’s and beyond is the breakup song. There are so many to choose from, along with so many different genres of breakup-dom. It all depends on what kind of breakup is going down. Lets explore:

take my broken heart cartoon for breakup song post

Put that in a breakup song!


The Selfish Breakup Song

“Where I Wanna Be” Donnell Jones

This was Donnell Jones’ biggest hit single released in1999.    I used to sing this song (especially the “tweedle deedle dee dee dee dee” yodel riff) at the top of my lungs for most of that year. Even though the “we need some space-ish” lyrics are are kind of selfish and typical, they are at least honest .


a few lyrics:

I’d rather be alone
She doesn’t fully understand me
That I’d rather leave than to cheat
If she gives me some time
I can be the man she needs
But there’s a lot of lust inside of me


The “Did We Just Breakup Song?”

“Pretty Wings” Maxwell

Annoying bell ringing in the background aside, Pretty Wings is high on my list of quality Maxwell tunes. It is also what I sing when I know there are chicken wings in my future, and what a great future that is. Nothing like me singing “PRETTEH WAINGS!!” at a restaurant or bar. Nothing.  The funny thing is most people don’t realize this is not a happy love song.

a few lyrics:

you played me dirty, your game was so bad
You toyed with my affliction
Had to fill out my prescription
For the remedy
I had to set you free.


Dang Maxwell!


The Backhanded Compliment Breakup Song

“You’re Not My Kind of Girl” New Edition

As you all know, New Edition is one of my favorite groups of all time, but this song right here is a hot mess.


the lyrics:

t’s not your looks, you’re very pretty
It’s not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It’s not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I’m sorry, you’re not my kind of girl
‘Cause you’re the kind of girl
That a man’s dreams are made of


Umm, really Ralph?  Really Ralph “Mr Sensitivity” Tresvant?   You just going to tell her she is the girl of your dreams, but not.  Men.


The I’m Over You, But Not Really Post Breakup Song/Manifesto

“Just FIne” Boyz II Men

Not one of their most well known songs, but this song is heart wrenching, becuase Wanya’s cry-singing self ain’t doing fine at all. It is a song allegedly about him being over the love of his life. However, I don’t believe him. He needs a gaggle, pride, and herd of more people to verify this whole “doing just fine” claim. Love the song though:


a few lyrics:

When you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
There were times at night I couldn’t sleep
My heart was much to weak to make it on my own
Baby after all the misery
And pain you put me through
So unfair to me girl
You’re no longer my world and I ain’t missin’ you at all

(You ain’t over that chick. AT. ALL.)


The Restraining Order Non-Optional Breakup Song

“Get Gone” Ideal

Sometimes, especially with psycho-stalkrs, a break up song needs to be direct and to the point. As you know, with some people you an’t leave any sort of glimmer f hope of reconciliation. That’s why you need this song by Ideal, release in 199_ . Complete with cursing, insults, and a smooth track.


this is the dang chorus!!!

I think I better leave, (leave) you alone(alone)
So get yo’ bags (yeah) and get the hell on
See becuz I don’t want you no more (I don’t want you no more)
I think you better leave (leave) me alone (alone)
So get yo’ bags (yeah) get the hell on(get gone)
Because love ain’t here no more

I guess he meant that, huh?

So my lovely readers what are some epic breakup song.s or song categories that you can think of?

Is there a heart in the house tonight?


Picture of Eddie Kane, Jr. singing "A Heart is a House for Love" in the Five Heartbeats

Stand up!


A few short poem about the heart, sleeves, and things…

poetic defibrillator

what is poetry to me?

funny you should ask…

these words are my pacemaker
sending poetic currents
to pump this inspiraiton
through all of me
to sustain… life.


wearing my heart on my sleeve literally



cardiac couture

i am a simple gal
high fashion confuses me
all i wear
is sleeves adorned with ventricles and muscles
and then you came along
and ruined my outfit.
when you tugged on the strings.
put my heart in your hands
and walked away.


Heart vs Brain cartoon


step into the arena

i have been to this arena before

where hearts and logic fight to the death

and conundrums are taking bets

and love is the only referee

but is too scared to call off the fight

and for once…

let the heart win by decision.

small heartpoetry from the heart

artists and relationships…

Keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive ’bout my sh*t….

-Erykah Badu


demotivational artist poster Alise


(Originally posted  4/8/09)

Have you ever dated an artist and have been puzzled about some of their habits or tendencies? Are you an artist and can’t understand why your non-artist mate (or ex-mate likely) didn’t get you? Well have no fear, Ms. Naturally Alise is here to enlighten you and sh*t. It’s what I do. Wu-Tang AND Alise is for the kids Here we go:

Artists are “moody”.  I think moody is not a good word, so I think I will make one up to add to my personal lexicon. It’s what I do. Let’s say moodrospective… yeah, I like that. A mix of moody and introspective. A lot of times artists, particularly writers get into a zone and fixate on an idea and forget about being civil, polite, thoughtful, etc… Trust me, 87.7 %* of the time it is not personal. (that’s an exact percentage, I interviewed Tiha, the E-posse, the mailman, and my cousin June Bug) Also keep in mind that a lot of artists are stuck in jobs completely opposite of what they really want to do and are therefore not happy in their current situation, that will make anyway a handful.


moody Calvin and Hobbes

moody weirdo is what I am...

Artists tend to be big flirts, but usually it unconscious. Usually an artist is having to peddle their own wares, so they are CONSTANTLY having to sell themselves (not literally you gutter dwellers) and push their product. Unless of course you are a sub par rapper with big budget promotion and an legion of ass kissers entourage . The phrase starving artist is uttered for a reason. (Dang, I am hungry as a hostage) So to deal with an artist you have to check your petty insecurities and jealousies at the door with your fancy Triple Fat Goose coat. Also you may have to pick up the check sometimes… hi-yoooooooo… I am corny, I know, it is an art.


winking smiley face lego

I ain't a player, I just network a lot...

Artists need alone time. If you are overly needy don’t date anyone until you get your self esteem together an artist. Especially when we are feeling moodrospective (see I used it already!), sometimes we just need our space, time to breathe, and be creative, like I said, “don’t take it personal, take the bitter with the sweet, easy come, easy goooo… ” (sorry had a Jermaine Jackson moment, that NEEEEEVVVVVER happens…).


leave me alone shirt

pretty self explanatory...


Artists need their egos stroked, yet, we do not want to be patronized, we want you to mean it, or at least make it believable. Yet, the funny thing is we will never accept the compliment. Example, my significant other will tell me a poem of mine is great, and I’ll say something like, “Well it’s okay, you REALLY like it?” ,”What lil’ ol’ me?,” or “Ummmm, I guess, I’ve done better.” Even though we will treat every compliment this way, keep on giving them, we really do like to hear it.



brief history of art cartoon





Also to piggyback with the ego stroking ……. “I be stroking, that’s what I be doin'”. (Sorry, had a Clarence Carter moment, that happens ALL the time). Sorry, I lost my train of thought, you know I have no attention span, thanks a lot twitter. But no really, we also like you to ask about our art. Nothing makes us feel better than a genuine interest in what we have going on. Whether it is going to a show, asking about a painting, bringing up a chapter you like in our book, or humming a song we composed, it is always a plus.

That’s what I’ve got for now, do you have any tips for dealing with artists, or if you are an artist what have you dealt with in relationships?