artists and relationships…

Keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive ’bout my sh*t….

-Erykah Badu


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(Originally posted  4/8/09)

Have you ever dated an artist and have been puzzled about some of their habits or tendencies? Are you an artist and can’t understand why your non-artist mate (or ex-mate likely) didn’t get you? Well have no fear, Ms. Naturally Alise is here to enlighten you and sh*t. It’s what I do. Wu-Tang AND Alise is for the kids Here we go:

Artists are “moody”.  I think moody is not a good word, so I think I will make one up to add to my personal lexicon. It’s what I do. Let’s say moodrospective… yeah, I like that. A mix of moody and introspective. A lot of times artists, particularly writers get into a zone and fixate on an idea and forget about being civil, polite, thoughtful, etc… Trust me, 87.7 %* of the time it is not personal. (that’s an exact percentage, I interviewed Tiha, the E-posse, the mailman, and my cousin June Bug) Also keep in mind that a lot of artists are stuck in jobs completely opposite of what they really want to do and are therefore not happy in their current situation, that will make anyway a handful.


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moody weirdo is what I am...

Artists tend to be big flirts, but usually it unconscious. Usually an artist is having to peddle their own wares, so they are CONSTANTLY having to sell themselves (not literally you gutter dwellers) and push their product. Unless of course you are a sub par rapper with big budget promotion and an legion of ass kissers entourage . The phrase starving artist is uttered for a reason. (Dang, I am hungry as a hostage) So to deal with an artist you have to check your petty insecurities and jealousies at the door with your fancy Triple Fat Goose coat. Also you may have to pick up the check sometimes… hi-yoooooooo… I am corny, I know, it is an art.


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I ain't a player, I just network a lot...

Artists need alone time. If you are overly needy don’t date anyone until you get your self esteem together an artist. Especially when we are feeling moodrospective (see I used it already!), sometimes we just need our space, time to breathe, and be creative, like I said, “don’t take it personal, take the bitter with the sweet, easy come, easy goooo… ” (sorry had a Jermaine Jackson moment, that NEEEEEVVVVVER happens…).


leave me alone shirt

pretty self explanatory...


Artists need their egos stroked, yet, we do not want to be patronized, we want you to mean it, or at least make it believable. Yet, the funny thing is we will never accept the compliment. Example, my significant other will tell me a poem of mine is great, and I’ll say something like, “Well it’s okay, you REALLY like it?” ,”What lil’ ol’ me?,” or “Ummmm, I guess, I’ve done better.” Even though we will treat every compliment this way, keep on giving them, we really do like to hear it.



brief history of art cartoon





Also to piggyback with the ego stroking ……. “I be stroking, that’s what I be doin'”. (Sorry, had a Clarence Carter moment, that happens ALL the time). Sorry, I lost my train of thought, you know I have no attention span, thanks a lot twitter. But no really, we also like you to ask about our art. Nothing makes us feel better than a genuine interest in what we have going on. Whether it is going to a show, asking about a painting, bringing up a chapter you like in our book, or humming a song we composed, it is always a plus.

That’s what I’ve got for now, do you have any tips for dealing with artists, or if you are an artist what have you dealt with in relationships?

9 thoughts on “artists and relationships…”

  1. . I completely understand this.
    I call myself “creative” & creatives think differently than those who aren’t…
    A lot of writer’s have been deemed bi-polar, but that is just becuz they were/are different…
    & I’m NOT angry… I’m passionate. If you LISTEN you may get my point!


  2. Yes!!! You have to ‘buss’ out in song every now and then throughout your conversations and keep talking like its normal (because it is!) LOL! Oh, and never apologize for your ‘crazy’. Everyone has their own brand of crazy. Embrace your own… at least its not the kind that will get you arrested. Besides, everyone has a Clarence Carter moment at some point, right?

  3. Numero Uno. That motivational poster is air-thang. I want — nay, NEED — one of my own. *blank stare towards your way*

    “A lot of times artists, particularly writers get into a zone and fixate on an idea and forget about being civil, polite, thoughtful, etc… Trust me, 87.7 %* of the time it is not personal.”

    YES. I just read a quote yesterday on the twittuh. It was something like, “wives will never understand that their writer hubbies are working when they’re staring out the window.” Other than cringing a bit at the “male writer” distinction, it is truth!

    And the alone time is some dayum gospel. I will actually snap on someone if I feel I haven’t gotten sufficient alone time. And the compliment point, too! We are our own worst critics so whenever someone else says something nice, we can find something wrong with what they said. But at the same time, the Leo in me twirls in the glitter of compliments. It’s a great balance. 😉

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