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Sisterhood of the Blogging Scarves…


Naturally Alise Scarf Scarves

It is me! All ready for Autumn. I like to say Autumn instead of Fall because it sounds fancier. Go on ahead and judge, I don't care.

Yes, the title is corny.  Sue me.  I am not a fasionista by any means.  However, I am an accesory lover.  Everthing from purses, belts, boots, scarves, to jewelry makes my life happy and wakens up my pretty boring outfits.  My favorite thing as of late is scarves and you know how I obsess about things.   Scarves aren’t just for keeping warm anymore.  They can be neck, shoulder, or hair accessories.  The more creative the use the better.  I asked my closest blogger friends to send me pictures of themselves in some of their scarves.  Check these gorgeous gals (and their blogs) out!


Nakia scarf scarves

Sunny gorgeous scarfs like Nakia's adds a pop of color to any outfit!


This is my frenemy Nakia;  She is the author of the fabulous personal  blog “Naked and Natural”  Isn’t she so pretty? (Don’t tell her I said that, I’ll never hear the end of it)


Luvvie scarf scarves

Luvvie's scarf puts the perfect finishing touch for a polished well put together look!


When asked for her scarf look, Luvvie said the following:

Wells you know I’m a HUGE scarf fiend. My neck don’t be without one in these winter months.

Nuff said!  Luvvie is one of my favorite people in real life and online, check out one of her plethora of blogs & projects:

Randomness – AwesomelyLuvvie.com
Design/Portfolio – Aweluv.org
DumbestTweets – DumbestTweets.com


Cashawn PBG scarf scarves

This scarf elevates PBG's already sassy look! (WERK!)

Cashawn, aka The PBG, is my big sister in my head and a truly fantastic friend and blogger.  This Naturalista and Baby Whisperer extraordinaire wrtes the blog Dirty Pretty Thangs.  On Twitter she is @ThePBG!


Brandeyn beencee scarf scarves

Even my Cali homie Bee is all about a wonderful scarf! Cah-yute!

Brandelyn is a very close and dear friend of mine.  She is a published author, her latest book Dreams Are Not Concerned is available along with 3 other offerings at BarnesAndNoble.com. (Also available on Kindle and Nook).  Her website and blog is located at BeeNCee.com.


Lauren livelovelibra  scarf scarves

A simple classic winter scarf gets the job done of adding a little style to your life! Hey Lauren, Hey!

Lauren is a new buddy of mine  from my D.C. crew who is a silly, fun, lunatic person.  She has an awesome blog called Life of A Libra!


Cheekie scarf scarves

A cool scarf can even make a t-shirt AND Cheekie look cute. Scarves make you look like you tried much harder than you really did!

Last and least (tee hee, I kid, I kid)  is my partner in GChat crime, Cheekie.  She is the author of the blog Pinch My Cheekie.  Here was what she wrote when she sent in her picture:

I just took a pic (or 15) of myself in my new favorite scarf. It’s an inifinity scarf I got from H&M recently and I love it! Also, I love the concept of infinity scarves because I love infinity. My favorite number is 8 (infinite swag digit), I love the phrase “To infinity and beyond” (Pixar standom showing), and I also love “The Circle of Life” (from the ultimate Disney movie, The Lion Kang) which never ends. I’m also rockin’ my Red Pump Project tee in this pic. *coughHeyLuvviecough*

Purses, Belts, Boots, Scarves and Bling – How can you bring your look to life with accessories?

See my answer here.

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By the way,  how do you think my homies look in their scarves?

D.C. , Here I Come!

Alise Leslie and Cashawn Thompson

Watch out DC!


August 10th I am headed to the good ol’ District of Columbia and I am so unbelievably excited.  I will be headed to see my very good buddy Cashawn, aka ThePBG, aka Auntie Peebz!  I will be staying a week and the shenanigans will be epic.   Of course I will blog about it!  You’re welcome.  Anyway, in honor of my impending trip here is a grab bag of Peebz & Fro related posts around the web, enjoy!

Also, any DC area peeps hit me up and maybe we can meet while I am there: August 10th-16th!