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Blog Poetry Slam 55: Apology

It has been a long, long time sine I have posted a Blog Poetry Slam, but I was feeling in a poetry kind of mood and thought it would be appropriate…  So to recap, what is the Blog Poetry Slam?:

EveryTuesday I will put up a topic, word, or picture. Then I would like all the poets (well everyone actually) to pen a verse or two or ten about the particular subject or that fits with the picture posted. You can go in any kind of direction from the topic you see fit. It will be a good way to exercise your writing muscles and also to enjoy the work of others. Also feel free to drop the links to your blogs or websites so we can all get to know each other. Also, drop me emails to suggest topics or pictures (even songs).  So, I will start off with today’s topic, Apology, with a piece I already have written, I will write a new one in the comments with you guys.

apology letter that say I'm sorry

sometimes the hardest words to say... or hear

I wanted to write you a  poem so cliche…
So you would fall asleep in my arms
So I could stroke your face
And let my finger wipe away your anger
And hold you close enough for my apologies enter all of our cells through osmosis
For my tears to fall on your cheek
And the heat of your rage make them evaporate
Leaving only the salt of my sorries
To season this meal of forgiveness
So it would be palatable so you would receive it
Instead of biting your tongue to withhold I love yous
But… You are most articulate in your silence
You said more in those thoughtful gentle smiles
Than with your jubilant reports
But you wrote dissertations of despair
With your saddened, worried eyes
And your furrowed brow and scowl of disgust
that day…
sigh, that day.
Crashed on my shore of shame harder than any of those words
those words…
sigh, those words.
a silent high tide I’d like to think.
That day…
sigh, that day.
I thought your Medusa gaze would surely turn your thoughts to stone
Aimed at me to make me guilt’s martyr
Those silences were awkward…
but appropriate.
And I wish my silence could respond with sincere apologies
If only my eyes could let you know
How much I need you,
How much I want to make it up to you,
How much I love you….
But…. I am most articulate in my poetry
So this sorry is for you.

Post your apology poem in the comments!

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Blog Poetry Slam 54: Gravity

Today’s Blog Poetry Slam topic is a repeat.  I actually originally had another topic, but this topic just kept speaking to me.  When the art talks, you have to listen.  No one can escape the gravity of poetry.

The original Gravity Poetry Slam


  • Write a poem related to the topic in the comments
  • Poem can be any length
  • Poem can be any tone (funny, sad, sentimental)
  • I’ll respond to each poem with an original haiku 🙂

gravity is a bitch..

Here is mine:

my heart is on the floor
i wish someone could extract the gravity out of it
and transfer it to my feet
so i can finally stand
on solid ground
and maybe motivation
instead of  inertia
can keep me moving
past the pain
and I can take a step
from you.

Blog Poetry Slam 53: Tears

I’m going through a hard  period in my life,  writing and sharing has been  my sanity.  Even with the writing and sharing there have still been a lot of tears.    But sometimes you can’t see them coming down your eyes, so you gotta make the poem cry.  Word to Jay-Z.  So make your poems cry in the comments.  Write a poem, short or long, serious or silly, even a haiku.  We can all cry together…

lately life has let me me down

but please don’t tell me not to cry

how else are these thoughts

going to escape…

i figure:

the quickest route from here to sanity

is through my tear ducts

so the pain can white water raft out my soul

on waterfalls emptying on cheeks…

Blog Poetry Slam 52: Animals

Hello world!  Today’s Blog Poetry Slam topic is animals.  So get to writing away in the comments.  My blog poetry slams have been cricket-filled lately, please come keep it company.  The rules are simple, write a poem in the comments, or use a poem you already have, related to the topic.  Your poem can be silly or serious, short or long, or even a haiku.  Happy writing!

here’s mine:

How did a regal lioness give birth to a lamb
I never did  quite fit in with her pride
And I’ve been trying so hard to make her proud ever since
But I never quite could hack it as her cub
Gentle natures are mistaken for weak…
So even in a den of lions I was the black sheep….