Beauiful? YES.

I ran across this video today and cried my eyes out, and not bad tears, just amazed at the fact I for the first time in my life I really do think I am beautiful, like really really believe it, even on my bad days…. plus I am rather emotional this week anyway because a very special friend is leaving on his very special journey and so I am a ball of excited and sad energy….. (translation: a hot mess, lol) So enjoy the video and also a totally unrelated poem from 7/9/08 that I am working on memorizing for a show tomorrow… wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by!

Dear You,

I appoint your hands to be poet laureate of my pleasure
Your palms have a penchant for pretty purring places….
Possessing the precision to palm my posterior perfectly
Without pause pinpointing the position to provide plentiful passion
Pardoning ecstasy from prudish prisons
Rewarded with praises of pouring potions….

I’m amazed at appendages administering attitude adjustments….
Multi-tasking hands that manipulate moods…..
Manual motivation is a motherf…
Transcendent touches that tempt transgressions told only in Tantric texts………
Expert extremities excavating erogenous….

Funny how five fingers can flip frowns
…… and hold tight to fragile flower frames never fracturing the foliage
…..and find flows…
……by forging through fortresses of fear to open floodgates….
……..devising devilish deeds to leave me drowning
diligent digits delivering doses of delight ,
I digress. ….

Tangibly Yours,

Black Woman Lost & Found

This is a little place I have just created to do a few things:

  • Transfer my poetry, stories, and blogs from my myspace blog which I plan on shutting down very soon.
  • Put my grand ideas, hopes, dreams, plans, random musings, creative processes, etc. out in the universe
  • Get honest feedback on some creative projects I have brewing.
  • Have a place to just let everything out basically…. a creative & cathartic canvass (I love alliteration by the way, as you will soon see)

So, I hope you enjoy this side of me and I hope to see fantastic personal growth, and maybe I can help someone along the way who is lost and trying to find their way. And hopefully I can beg my partner in (C)rhyme, Tiha, to add her $.02 every now and again….

Peace , blessings, hair-grease, and all that jazz!

-Naturally Alise

I’ll leave you guys with a short poem of mine that I really like to get this thing started, I’ll start with a sexy one, I love sexy/sensual/draws dropping type of poems, as you will soon see, but never overt Nasty McNastiness (lol):

“Seismic Syllables”

Seismic syllables flowed from vocal chords …
As your lips parted,
And released a blast of energy
Passion reverberated within this Earth’s focus
Cracked the epicenter, broke through the surface
Revealing uncharted ground…
Exposing layers…
Shifting landscapes and perspectives…
Destroying the doubt that once was
Making the new me unrecognizable
Verbiage vibrating through my terra firma
Parlance setting forth heart palpitations and tremors
Tsunami flows of diction exposing all vulnerabilities…
Seismic syllables shaking up my world ……
Eagerly anticipating the aftershocks.

poetry, love, & laughs