So I was chatting with Cheekie of  the blog Pinch My Cheekie today and somehow our conversation had the mention of Bingo.  Next thing I knew I started rattling off my history with the wondrous world of Bingo.  Yes I have a history.  And yes, it is wondrous.  I think this will be fun to tell in pictures, fun for me anyway.  That’s all that matters, right? No? Oh.

Here we go:

Garner Marketplace Bingo Hall

So, about 4 years ago I lived in a little town called Garner, NC right outside of Raleigh. Great town by the way. Anyway, about 2 miles away from my house was this "shopping center" that I frequented to hit my frugality dougie at the Family Dollar. Also in this shopping center was a bingo hall. One day I decided to stop in and see what it was all about.

Bingo hall

I walked into a strange planet called Bingo. It was filled with old ladies, a hazy mist of cigarette smoke, odd-looking bingo announcers and attendants, and a magical board lit up with numbers... Oddly, I felt right at home.

Bingo Hall lady

The planet of bingo was populated mainly by lifeforms like her. I sat down next to one of these amazing aliens and they taught me all there was to know about the "sport".

Tyrone Biggums animated gif

After a couple more weeks of stopping into the bingo hall, I was hooked. I began playing at bingos all over the Raleigh/Durham area. It started getting real crackish, like 4 or 5 days a week I may or may not have even went to a bingo hall when I went to Vegas that year. I will not confirm nor deny this.

I was stocking up on supplies, because see, bingo was quite lucrative for me. I am generally an unlucky person, but with bingo I never walked out without at least 50 bucks. Once I won a cool $500 . The beauty of bingo is that to play is fairly cheap, so even if you don't win you are not losing much. But like I said I ALWAYS came out with a profit.

This is me as a baby. In bingo I felt like that Alise. I was ALWAYS the youngest person in the bingo hall. Most of the patrons were at least 30 years my senior. That was awesome for my "self of steam", lol i tried to get my friends to come with me to bingo but I never once got any of them to come. They laughed, but they never laughed at my new fly outfits and financial rewards. Hmph. One friend told me to find a hobby... without pause I responded, "Bingo IS my hobby heaux! psssh."

I had a bad car accident about 2 years ago that put my life on pause and I stopped going to Bingo.  I miss it though, maybe I need to plan a trip. *starts humming “Memories”*.  Do you have a “guilty pleasure” hobby that you would like to share?  Holla at me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “All Bingo EVERYTHING!”

  1. As a visual person (and a karate expert), I highly support your decision to tell this story through pictures.

    “They laughed, but they never laughed at my new fly outfits and financial rewards. Hmph.”

    Ha! Checkmate.

    My guilty hobby is probably slick-listening on at people’s conversations so that I could possibly get fabulous dialogue for my scripts.The characters I find on the train, especially, is a treat! lol And it’s not only a hobby, it’s research for my side gig that I don’t get paid for. Win!

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