coffee shop revelations…

gonna stop crying over spilled coffee... this makes sense...

I am sitting in the coffee shop, my favorite spot to loiter.   And this is what happened:

Log on to facebook and complain about my sh*tty morning dealing with a completely wack family situation.

Log onto Twitter and complain about all the things I have to work on.

Log on to Gchat and complain about some blog stuff.

Log on to my brain and internally complain about money and some more sh*t.

Sip on my yummy hot coffee.

Glance out the window.

Homeless man digging in the trash for cans and possibly food.

Thank God all I have are my “first-world” problems.

Sip coffee.

2 thoughts on “coffee shop revelations…”

  1. Why do we do this?
    Why do we complain via the innanets…like other ppl care OR it makes it somehow seem “better”? 🙂

    But yes, we all should look outside of our own worlds… ’cause really we don’t have it THAT bad. (& I love coffee :D)

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