Public Speaker & Creative

Alise is a veteran spoken-word artist, one woman show creator, and orator.  She is available for workshop & small group facilitation, hosting, voice work, podcast appearances, and collaboration on creative projects, including design work. Sky’s the limit!  Contact for booking information, questions, and ideas.


Alise has published a novella series, “Have We Met?” and 2 poetry collections, “Jumbled” and “This Makes Sense.” She is the creator of the Black mental health centered blog, In My Mental Mind, focusing on visibility, awareness, and community support.  Also she has been published on The Root and The Extraordinary Negroes.  Additional writing can be found at Medium.

Music Lover & Curator

Co-founder of The R&B Representers, hosts of the YouTube music series Catch That!, are a dynamic duo educating and sharing their love of R&B and soul music through humor, discussion, and interviews.   Alise is a vinyl collector, playlist creator, music historian.