in my mental mind Alise LeslieIn My Mental Mind: a black girl’s mental health journey” is a  blog focusing on mental health issues particularly for women of color through essays, personal stories, poetry, and music.  It tackles topics such as bipolar disorder, depression, selfcare, and learning to live authentically.

This blog is simply a place to give a realistic face to women and men of color who grapple with various forms of mental illness or people who are simply trying to find peace within a time of hardship that is weighing on their minds/spirits, as these things do tend to overlap. I am going to “put my business in the streets” to help save someone else. A lot of mental health resources I see online are very academic from the outside looking in. I wanted to create something with real life stories and points of view instead of just lists of symptoms and pharmaceuticals.

I want a safe space for people who are struggling with the huge spectrum of mental health diagnoses and the people close to them. This is also a selfish venture; I needed a place to feel like I was heard and to write and talk out some of the weirdness, hardship and even little victories that exist in my little bubble. I also need our community to be aware of the struggles and daily realities of those of us who have to trek through the maze of mental health care and how we relate to the world.  We need to erase the stigmas attached and tackle this thing head on!